We are a Web3 e-sports platform that offers a wide range of classic and new games playable on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Our platform hosts regular e-sports events where players can compete for rich MCD rewards.
Our platform's economy is built on four tokens: GP, TICKET, SINT, and MCD. GP is used to play games on our platform, with each battle consuming one GP. TICKET tokens are earned through victories and qualify players for major competitions. SINT is an economic token that gives pioneers greater control over tokens, with 200 million tokens available for airdrop and 400 million tokens distributed to pioneers through a new presale. Pioneers can exchange SINT for 100 - 1000 USDT/DAI and gain greater control over tokens.
We ensure that the practical value of our tokens remains consistent. Players with insufficient TICKET can purchase it using SINT to compete in major competitions, making the tokens valuable for gameplay. Vanguard funds will be used to list token fees and stabilize their value.
Our Native token MCD, is valued at 1:1 USD and can be used to apply for a VISA on our wallet. Our source of income is generated through blockchain nodes, which regularly issue MCD rewards to investors and project parties. The investment funds are locked in a fund pool to preserve the value of MCD.
Our platform aims to provide a seamless gaming experience while ensuring the value of our tokens remains consistent. We strive to provide value to both players and investors while promoting fair gameplay and competition.